Get smooth, hair-free skin painlessly. The laser technology of Soprano XLi is recognized as the “Gold Standard” in the industry. You’ll never have to shave, wax, tweeze or pluck again.

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The Soprano XLi offers pain-free, hair removal using diode laser technology.  We’ve come a long way from monstrous lab lasers of the past, thanks to engineering advances and the development of small, compact lasers that are effective for a multitude of purposes.

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Since its introduction to the market in 1998, diode laser technology has achieved the industry’s acknowledgement as the “Gold Standard.”  The Soprano XLi is FDA approved and developed with scientific precision. It features a sapphire contact-cooling headpiece which allows laser energy to make direct contact with the hair follicle while it cools and protects the skin during treatment. Because hair grows continuously, a series of treatments utilizing this state-of-the-art technology is most effective for ensuring comfort, safety and desirable results. 


Top Five Questions for Laser Hair Removal

Did you know the human body contains 5,000,000 hair follicles?  That’s a big number and for some that’s just too much. Unwanted hair can be a pain. Literally. We’re not just talking about painful procedures, but pain in terms of time and money spent.  People have endured a multitude of methods to get rid of unwanted hair for centuries. The practice of hair removal traces back to ancient Rome and Egypt. Those who suffer from excessive hair can attest to painful procedures like waxing that were not only time consuming but costly.  Removing unwanted hair, whether on the body or face, can be challenging, and for some it’s beyond challenging, specifically when it comes to long-term hair removal. Enter advanced technology. Indeed, modern technology has changed the game. Now you can get rid of unwanted hair with relative ease and do without the maintenance that goes along with staying hair free. Read about the history of hair removal.

Hair removal is one of the most popular beauty treatments. Technology has allowed for virtually painless, safe treatments along with what people want…proven results!  For many, it’s a dream to be free of embarrassing body and facial hair. It’s not surprising that the industry has treated millions who have elected to have laser hair removal done.  At Inception Health and Beauty, we’re proud to offer the state-of-the-art technology that has made a difference in so many lives.  The technology has helped us to change lives and boost the self-confidence of countless people–everyday people just like you and me. Laser  hair removal technology can treat a variety of body areas, large areas like legs, abdomen and chest, to delicate areas like the bikini line, face and underarms.  

To determine if laser hair removal is right for you, there are a number of questions you need to ask.  The more knowledgeable you are, the better you can make an informed decision as to whether laser hair removal is right for you. Further, the more informed you are, the better you can manage expectations, helping to ensure patient satisfaction.       

Inception Health and Beauty offers free consultations, as do many clinics.   Free consultations are a great way to learn more, ask questions, and decide if the clinic meets your standards. But what should that standard be? This is THE question because everyone has different levels of comfort, different expectations and more importantly, different genetics.  In addition, the clinic and practitioner you choose is very important because the experience and expertise of the practitioner is critical to the safety and success of your procedure.  Taking advantage of free consultations is smart–not only will you learn and become better informed, you will also be able to determine if you are comfortable with the clinic and have confidence in the skills of a trained professional. 


Of the many questions we receive on laser hair removal, here are the top five questions we receive on a regular basis: 

  1. Does it work?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. Is it painful?
  4. Is it permanent?
  5. Am I a candidate?
  • Does it work? 

Laser hair removal was performed experimentally for more than twenty years before it became commercially available in 1995. The first laser designed to remove hair was invented in 1960 while the first commercial laser was produced in 1970. All early devices were inefficient and ineffective. Read about the invention of lasers.

Laser technology works by concentrating light to targeted hair follicles (follicles are tiny cavities in the skin from which hair grows), the laser is attracted to pigment in the hair which allows it to reach the base of the follicle.  The laser energy heats and damages the follicle to completely destroy or inhibit hair growth. For optimal results, a series of sessions is suggested to allow for repeated exposure to pulses of laser light. While each patient is different based on individual desired results, a patient can expect a satisfactory level in results with 8-12 treatments. 

Hair grows in a continuous cycle, scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of lasers to reduce hair growth ranging from 70% to 90%.  This is substantial considering what the technology offers, virtually pain-free and easy procedures, savings in time and money, low maintenance. Each patient is unique from skin and hair colour to ethnicity and hair density.  So some people never have to shave again while others require the occasional maintenance treatment.

Unwanted hair can be removed in a number of different ways but laser hair removal is easy and lasts longer. Imagine saving thousands of dollars on shaving, waxing and the like, not to mention the time and yes, the pain.  In the long run, you’ll enjoy the investment in less maintenance and more importantly, having confidence 24/7. 

At Inception Health and Beauty, your comfort and safety is paramount.  We provide you with detailed instructions before treatment to ensure the best experience along with desired results.  Patients are carefully educated to ensure a full understanding of the process. For example, patients are advised to avoid tanning before treatment. Tanning is a form of damage to the skin and best avoided to decrease the risk of negative side effects.  Tanning can also decrease the effectiveness of lasers particularly when combined with a patient’s genetic make-up, that means each individual’s natural skin and hair colour can react differently to laser treatment. This recommendation includes natural and artificial tanning as well as the use of self tanners in the form of lotions, creams and sprays.  

Supplier Alma Lasers is a global innovator of laser, light-based, radiofrequency and ultrasound devices for the aesthetic and surgical markets.  Alma Lasers provides practitioners with safe and effective procedures, allowing patients of all ages and skin types to benefit from clinically proven technologies.  Click here to learn more about Alma Soprano technology, including doctors’ testimonials.

  • Is it safe? 

There are many devices on the market or hair removal but painless procedures can only be performed by diode laser technology like the Alma Soprano XLi.  Essentially, the removal of unwanted hair is achieved through targeting hair follicles by way of its melanin, by heating it up to the point of damage. The patented technology allows for gradual heating through short bursts of laser energy to hair follicles in the subdermal layer of the skin. Pulses of infrared diode laser energy is carefully applied to increase the temperature of the hair follicle containing cells for hair regrowth. This targets the hair at its source—the hair root, while preventing damage to the surrounding skin. The combination of practitioner expertise and technology means safely delivered energy to a uniform area—reducing the likelihood of skipped spots.  

Laser hair removal can be done safely anywhere on the body.  Today’s devices are equipped to cover large areas quickly. For example, devices like the Soprano XLi can handle legs, the back, stomach, underarms as well as the face, easily and effectively. The beauty lies not just in proven results but in its ease of use and low risk of negative side effects. Side effects vary due to a range of factors, from hair colour and skin type to a patient’s diligence in following treatment instructions.  Common side effects include skin irritation and pigment changes. Some redness, swelling and discomfort is possible after treatment. For some the discomfort subsides almost immediately, for others it typically disappears within a few hours. Temporary changes in skin pigmentation may occur, particularly on those who have darker skin. Patients are highly advised to avoid sun exposure before and after treatment for best results. While rare, risks of burns and scarring are also potential side effects.

It has been forty nine years since the invention of laser technology but what this invention has been able to achieve is close to miraculous. The perfect example is Alma’s Soprano Xli, which has been approved by the FDA for hair removal and permanent hair reduction on all skin types. The process does require patient discipline. While a session only takes minutes to complete, it takes multiple sessions to see real results.  This is because hair grows in a cycle, as such growth needs to be targeted over a period of time. Lasers work best when hair is in its growth stage (Anagen stage), it is in this Anagen stage where hair contains its highest level of melanin—the target of lasers. Read about the hair growth cycle.  Don’t be discouraged by the need for multiple sessions, it is necessary due to hair phasing—hair’s natural growth cycle. For those who are patient and diligent, the pay-off will be well worth it.  

  • Is it painful? 

Many have rated the pain of laser hair removal somewhere between shaving (painless) and waxing (painful). But the new form of lasers are revolutionary, rendering treatments that are non-invasive, non-ablative and virtually pain free. 

Alma’s Soprano XLi is one such groundbreaking device. Its break through IN-MOTION laser technology allows energy pulses to directly target hair follicles at its source while the innovative sapphire contact-cooling headpiece protects the skin during treatment by keeping heat at bay. The result is a warm sensation versus the old days of experiencing painful pin-like pricks. Patients have found that as treatment progresses, the less discomfort is experienced.  This is due to finer hair growth resulting from continued treatment. Lasers like the Soprano XLi deliver high power yet provide comfort in the process, it’s as gentle as you’ll ever find within the range of options for hair removal. Its operating wavelength at 810 nm has been proven in clinical studies to reduce hair growth by more than 70%. 

Wavelength is the term used to describe the distance between two subsequent peaks or bursts of light waves–usually expressed in nanometers (nm).  See study following patients one year after treatment.

Depending on your goals, expect the requirement for multiple treatments.  The general guideline for treatments is in intervals of 4-6 weeks for areas like the neck and 6-8 weeks for areas below the neck. Most treatments are sold in packages and the cost will vary based on the size of the area to be treated. Small treatment areas generally include the upper lip, chin, eyebrows while medium treatment areas can include underarms, inner thighs or the bikini line. The legs, back, arms and shoulders are usually considered large treatment areas.

Laser hair removal isn’t painful or complicated but like most procedures, the patient must practice diligence and follow instructions. Today’s lasers are at the top of their class when it comes to minimizing discomfort and negative side effects while maximizing patient satisfaction.  You can thank the pioneers who trailblazed to develop the technology that’s available today.    

  • Is it permanent?

Lasers can be very precise in targeting multiple hairs without damaging the surrounding skin.  The procedure is also fast and easy. But people just want to know, for the investment in time and money, will laser hair removal rid of unwanted hair permanently

Many patients have seen all of their unwanted hair gone in one session, but don’t forget hair has a continuous growth cycle.  The multiple sessions are designed to target those many millions of hair follicles to ensure highest level of permanent hair reduction. Some people can experience new hair growth while others see dormant hair appear, often triggered when other follicles are damaged, and so multiple treatments are necessary. There is also the risk that your hair will grow back, in which case additional treatments would be necessary.  The recommended series of sessions (anywhere from 6-12), generally spaced 6-8 weeks apart offers the maximum reduction in hair growth, leading to long-lasting results. The 6 week treatment intervals works best because of hair phasing—targeting individual hairs during their growth cycles. Typically, regrowth can be managed with touch-up treatments every 6 to 12 months. 

  • Am I a candidate?

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with dark pigment in their body and facial hair—however, thanks to new lasers and updated technology, clients with fair skin and light hair can also expect successful results. Lasers also work best on non-hormonal areas such as underarms, legs, and bikini areas—where the skin is thinner and the hair thicker.  But areas with finer hair such as the face or fingers can also be treated with good results.    

Because laser is attracted to pigment, people with thick, dark, coarse hair usually see the best outcomes.  That said, thicker hair can often take longer to fully work, or be “damaged.” It’s not uncommon to encounter very resistant hair or new growth from follicles activated during treatment. Each individual is different and so the complimentary consultation is so very important.  In addition to doing your research before consultation, knowing your level of comfort and discussing expectations is key. You want trained professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced to deliver on your desired outcomes.   

The ideal candidate is also a patient who is disciplined. Following pre-treatment and post-treatment directions is critical. You’ve invested in your ultimate solution, don’t sabotage the potential for best outcomes by not adhering to guidelines. As an example, patients are advised to avoid physical work outs on the same day following treatment.  You’ll likely see some erythema—or skin redness—that can last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours, but this is perfectly normal. But sweat from working out can irritate sensitive and inflamed post-treatment skin. Exposure to bacteria through sweat can potentially lead to a rash, or worse, an infection. Generally you can return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment with caution to avoid sun exposure, saunas, hot showers and the like to prevent adding any form of heat to treated areas. So being disciplined and doing your best to follow guidelines will help you achieve optimal results.

Many clinics and practitioners offer packaged treatments, usually a series of 3 or 6 treatment sessions with cost varying from clinic to clinic. The cost will also vary based on the size of the area to be treated. 

Treatment time only takes minutes ranging from 5 to 10 minutes for underarms to 15 to 20 minutes for larger areas like the back and legs. 

Getting rid of unwanted hair should not be high maintenance. While some may see laser hair removal as an investment in beauty, for many it is a necessity in the pursuit of low maintenance and high self-confidence.

There you have it, information from these five frequently asked questions will help you be more informed.  You are now better prepared for your free consultation. Have your questions ready so you can make the most of your complimentary consultation. 

At Inception Health and Beauty, patient safety and comfort is first and foremost. Our goal is to help you be the best YOU.  Your complimentary consultation will help you decide on the right solution, perfectly suited for your needs.  Book your complimentary consultation today. 

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